Rules and Facilities

Admission :

Prospective inmate seeking admission to the Vayaska Sahavs has to fill in the prescribed form available in the office. Inmate has to be above sixty years of age to be eligible for admission. He has to be self dependent and physically as well as mentally fit. Admission is granted irrespective of class or caste distinction subject to rules and regulation of the trust. The right to admission is vested in the Board of Trustees. The applicant will be informed of the confirmation of the admission. At the time of admission Inmate should be accompanied by a close relative / witness.

Monthly Charges :

Trust charges Rs. 2500 (Rupess Two Thousand Five Hundred Only) per month to each inmate as the lodging and boarding charges. A refundable sum of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand) is taken as security deposit. The monthly charges are to be paid on or before the 5th of every month. Any inmate who leaves the Vayaska Sahavas within 1 year will be charged at the rate of Rs 9000 (Rupees Nine Thousand Only) per month. Difference of amount in such cases will be deducted from Security Deposit.

Residence :

First residential building planned by the trust is operative since 5th November 2006 and the third residential building is also now operational from April, 2014. In both the three residential buildings, there are ten self contained rooms, each of on the ground plus two floors with provision of lift. Each room is shared by two inmates. They are provided with anglo Indian type toilets, two tables, two chairs, two fans, two cupboards, two well-spread beds, a wall-clock and a tea-troley. Each room has a balcony and an intercom. Adequate space is kept vacant in each room for an attendant in case the need arise. In normal course no attendant is allowed to stay with the inmate. 


The trust maintains a fully equipped kitchen and a dinning-hall, strictly vegetarian meals are served, daily bed-tea, breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks, dinner are served. Milk and seasonal fruits are served with dinner. Every Sunday is a feast-day. The inmates are expected to come to the dinning-hall for meals and afternoon tea.  No room service is provided. 


Tthe Trust undertakes washing of daily wear for each inmate.

Homely Environment:

The physical environment of the Home located on seven acres of land surrounded by mango tree is quiet, pleasing and invigorating. Trust expects the inmates to make it a home in the true sense of the word ‘Home’.

Please….. Sustain, extend co-operation, maintain peace, cleanliness and enhance the reputation of the institution.

Please….. Participate in the activities like prayer, bhajan, satsang, pooja and vocational activities. You may do so voluntarily. There is no compulsion.

Please….. Do not leave the campus without permission from the office. Inmates are requested to return before the sunset.

No refund is given for inmates staying away for few days.

Please….. Switch off lights and fans when not in use. Switch off lights after 10.00 pm.

Please….. do no indulge in any controversies or pick up disputes with other inmates and certainly not with the staff. The officer in-charge will try to redress your grievances. 

Please..... avoid keeping ornaments and other valuables with you. In case you have them take good care. Keep them in lock and key when not used. Trust will not be held responsible for the loss of valuables. 

Trust has made a provision for a dispensary and is attended by Doctor everyday morning. Any inmate who suffers from serious illness will be provided hospital facility at their own cost and looked after by the Trust within its limitations.   An intimation of such illness will be sent to the inmate’s relative. It is advisable to take a sick inmate to his home during illness.  In case any inmate expires then his relative will be informed. If none of his relatives approach the trust within twelve hours after the intimation, necessary legal action will be resorted to. 

The rules and regulations given here are subject to modifications from time to time and any changes will be intimated to the Inmates. We expect the inmates and their relatives to honour the rules and regulations.