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Changing social environment – Nuclear Family Age

The present age is the age of nuclear family of the parents and the children. The close-knit families comprising of the members living together and supporting each other through the crisis have now been rendered obsolete. Though this changing social structure has its own benefits, it is not without its disadvantages. Those who have suffered substantially due to the breaking up of the joint families are the infants and the elders. They have been mutually deprived of the benefits they enjoyed living together in a joint family.

Elder, ‘ Lost amidst the crowd ‘

The elders in particular are vexed at the weakening and vanishing bond of attachment between them and their offspring. The feeling of loneliness and desolation grips them. They demonstrate the signs of being 'Lost amidst the crowd'. They opine to share their thoughts and feelings but are at loss to do so. Inspite of being young at heart, they suffer the pangs of ageing.

"The fault dear friends..."

It is not that the young lack in having tender feelings for their parents. They do love them, respect them and care for them. They are not indifferent to their comforts and conveniences. They are anxious to see them living happily together with them. But ‘the fault dear friends does not lie with the young but with the changing social and economic structure and the new lifestyles that the advent of the new age has ushered in'. Modern man has hosts of needs. He endeavours to live in tune with the changing way of life. The struggle for survival does not permit him to spare time even for his children. Inspite of the earnest desire to make parents happy they are not able to comply with their expectations.

The old and the new, hence continue to fall apart

Shall we raise a loud cry against the change? Ofcourse not. We know and know it very well that it is the change that has transformed the cave man into a civilized and successful man of today. Let's welcome the change and simultaneously continue to put in sincere efforts to save the situation from worsening. It is generally believed that the elders are not much inclined to indulge in the pleasures of the palate or to visiting relatives and friends or to the pleasant diversions in their dull life. But it is not so. They have a lot to do and lot more to say. They opine to share their thought and feelings. They prefer to keep mum till they get a sympathetic listener. They seek respite in ruminating the glories of their youth nostalgically. The young on the other hand keep worrying about their bright future. Hence, inspite of the prevailing goodwill the old and new continue to fall apart

Vayaska Sahavaas (Living Together of the doyens) : a possible solution

Is the assimilation of the glorious past and the bright future not possible? Is there no way out to tread the path of bliss by harmonizing the old and the new? Should not we try to seek solution to the tangle staying away from putting blame on one or the other generation?

The Aadhaar Trust pondered over it and arrived at a possible solution – the creation of the VAYASKA SAHAVAAS – the living together of the doyens. The Trust has created an environment that will facilitate the elders to live together sharing life’s joys and sorrows and caring for each other as is done in a close-knit family. It will be a larger, expanded family, the family of the elders that will sustain the emotional bond with the younger. The micro families of the young in turn remain tied up with their macro families of the elders. The Aadhaar Trust has successfully created a link between the two, which has brought  happiness and light to them.

VAYASKA SAHAVAAS : A rendezvous of the veterans

The Vayaska Sahavaas is not a dull, gloomy haunt of hopeless people. It is a rendezvous where the doyens live together unhesitatingly and enthusiastically enjoying blithesome, radiant life. The trust shall endeavour its best to dissuade their lives from becoming insipid and apathetic. The Trust has been providing the inmates with the facilities to pursue various activities such as – reading, writing, singing, dramatics, playing, gardening celebrating festivals etc., organizing entertainment programmes and of course meeting children and grand children (a family get together). It is not possible to lengthen any life even a bit but it certainly is possible to bring light in the life of any man. The Aadhaar Trust looks on the bright side of the changing patterns of the joint families and aspire to bring cheers to the aging as well as the youthful.

Our Partner

The Dalal Family Foundation USA.

The Dalal Family Foundation is a private foundation established in 1997. For over 20 years, The Dalal Family Foundation has worked to improve and strengthen the health, education and wellness of communities through philanthropic activities in the United States and India. The Dalal Family Foundation envisions a society in which all children receive both primary schooling and an opportunity for higher education and where disabled individuals, women, and the elderly are empowered to lead heathier lives with dignity and respect.

Aadhaar has been supported by The Dalal Family Foundation USA for remodelling and creating infrastructure in the Vayaska Aashram. We look forward to our association as a strength in making difference to the lives of the senior citizens.

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