Welcome to Aadhaar Trust

The Trust aims at creating an environment that will facilitate the elders to live together sharing life’s joys and sorrows and caring for each other as is done in a close-knit family. It will be a larger, expanded family, the family of the elders that will sustain the emotional bond with the younger. The micro families of the young in turn remain tied up with their macro families of the elders. The Aadhaar Trust aspires to be a link between the two, the link that will bring happiness and light to them.


Besides the various facilities for which donation appeal has been made, as indicated above a special mention is required that the TITHI/MITI Yojana launched by Trust in November 2006 has met with an over whelming support from donors and as of now approximately 1900 donors have contributed Rs.96 lacs...


Projects under Implementation

Proposed dining hall